Delaware voters who live outside of Oklahoma were decieved by Delaware Chief Jerry Douglas and tribal candidates who are pro "Sovereignty at any cost" with promises of federal recognition. What chief Douglas and his followers failed to tell Delaware trial members was that by agreeing to federal recognition under Cherokee chief Chad Smith's terms, the Delware tribe will be giving away all of their sovereignty and federal funds.

Cherokee chief Chad Smith has said he will control all federal funding earmarked for the Delaware tribe. Most of the Delawares who live inside Cherokeee Nation of Oklahoma boundaries know the truth. We know that Chad Smith is attempting to rid the Cherokee tribe of the Cherokee freedmen who are descendants of black slaves, many who are Cherokee by blood. It is only a racist issue for Chad Smith. Not a tribal issue.

It has just been discovered that Delaware tribal judge Chester (Chet) L. Brooks is a convicted felon. He had a 5 year suspened sentences for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

To see newly elected Delaware tribal judge Chester Brooks' Oklahoma Department of Corrections information click here.

The Delaware Constitution states that any elected tribal offical convited of a felony must give up their position.

We will be posting more news on the Delaware Tribe as time permints to keep all of you tribal members informed.

To learn the truth about Cherokee Nation click here

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